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Aviator is a new kind of social multiplayer game consisting of a growing curve that can fly out at any time. When a round starts, the multiplier scale starts to grow. The user must cash out before the lucky plane flies away.

The Aviator game is not like other games. It introduces social elements and makes players part of the community. It's a whole new kind of gameplay that allows for an incredible gaming experience. This format, born in the video game industry, has become very popular because of its simplicity, exciting effects and addictive gameplay. At the moment - this is the only game of its kind aircraft, which allows you to multiply the odds by X times! The Aviator betting game has given players a whole new gameplay experience. Watching your plane multiply by 10 or 100 times every second while you hit a button or wait for even bigger multipliers tickles your nerves and touches a whole new range of emotions! That's why the Aviator, so quickly gained its popularity and entered the tops in the choice of players.

You can try out the Aviator demo version, and then to register. And already fully enjoy your flight in Aviator!

The rules of the game Aviator:

they are very simple. We wait for a new round and make a payment or even two at the same time. Then the plane takes off and begins to fly up. Multiplication can go up to 300 or 1,000 times, or it can cut off almost immediately. Your task is to press the button before the plane flies away to claim your prize! Therefore, in Aviator you can make two payments at once to collect the first part of the prize, for example, when the plane has flown to 2. And the second cash out after the plane has flown to 7, multiplied by 7 times!

Download Aviator and dive into the exciting world and your dream will come true for sure!

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