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Your Baby's Development Coach: Playtime Activities, Milestones, Stories, Tracker

Give the best start to your baby with our award-winning baby development app, trusted by 250,000+ parents globally to track and support your baby’s growth and development

Designed by child experts, BabyG is a complete early development app - the only app you will ever need for your baby!

✔️ Daily Baby Development Activities

✔️ Growth Milestones & Reports

✔️ Baby Feeding Tracker And Sleep Tracker

✔️ Recipes & Meal Plans For Baby

✔️ Community For Moms And Dads

✔️ Bedtime Stories, Tips & Articles

Whether it is taking care of your baby's feeding time or sleep schedule, stimulate early development in your baby with a scientifically-driven parenting program that helps with early baby development & baby growth across physical, cognitive, communication, and social areas.

? How Does Babyg Support All Your Parenting Needs?

⬇️Below mentioned are the benefits of using BabyG as a Parenting App;


Be it activities like book tricks, exploring nature, or baby brain development games, plan your daily development activities with 1000+ playful newborn activities, infant baby activities, screen-free, video-based activities, backed by child experts who have expertise in baby development plan, baby milestones and learning to stimulate early development across physical, cognitive, communication, & social-emotional areas to achieve baby development milestone.


Your baby’s first year is one full of development milestones. Watch your baby’s first steps & benchmark your baby’s growth & track the baby’s development every month with a baby milestone tracker to understand & stimulate your baby with newborn activities.

Mark your infant development milestones with our the baby milestone tracker, and when you look back in a few years, all you can see is the smiling face of your happy child. Our toddler development app has age-appropriate activities & a personalized weekly program to smoothly achieve child development milestones.


Baby breastfeeding and bottle feeding tracker allows tracking baby feeds. We also have baby sleep tracker, diaper (poop & pee) tracker and reminder notifications to track daily routines. Our baby sleep tracker app aids in the baby monitoring, tracking the sleep schedule, and ensuring the baby sleep targets are met.


Interact with other parents by joining the parent community and share your views and opinions. You can join our secret mom community and dad community to get advice on baby development, breastfeeding, parenting, relationships & baby health


To ensure adequate baby development, our parenting app for newborns & toddlers has listed detailed methods of nutritious baby food and recipes customized as per the baby’s age with a nutrition plan. Babyg is a baby meal plan app with BLW and homemade pureed food options for babies.


Bond with your toddler with free bedtime stories for babies every night. Find free night-time stories to narrate & develop reading habits in your little one.


Do you know?

● Newborns don’t have kneecaps

● Babies know your taste in music

● Infants have supersized body parts

● Sleep schedule of a baby is around 5400 hrs in the first year

To get more such fun facts about your baby, we have curated a number of baby articles & first baby tips to know your baby better.

Our baby activities and milestone tracker is backed & recommended by child experts, especially to care for babies of 0-3 years of age, to bring out the best in your baby. Just 15 mins a day is all you need to see your baby develop and for upcoming baby milestones.

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