Baby Games: 2-5 years old Kids

Baby Games: 2-5 years old Kids APK

About Baby Games: 2-5 years old Kids

Educational games for kids 2-5, colors & shapes for toddlers, fine motor skills

Entertain the kids and get them learning with this fun, interactive set of educational games for children aged 2-5 years. If your kindergarten child enjoys mental stimulation and learning games, this one’s for you.

Playing games that challenge children’s problem-solving abilities can aid in cognitive development and lay the foundation for their early education years. Let your child expand their horizons and thirst for learning while having a bit of fun.

Discover a variety of learning games for kids aged from 2-5 and get your little one to understand fundamental learning basics like colours, shapes, reasoning and logic. Every game in this collection was created by experts with an eye for detail and a passion for teaching children.

There are sorting games with colourful and familiar food objects; matching pairs games; logical thinking challenges; size and shape challenges and many more engaging games to keep your child engaged, busy – and most importantly – progressing on their journey of learning.

Every detail is available for children aged 2-5 years old, with a friendly English voice over to guide them along their learning journey. The gaming interface is simple and easy to understand – even for toddlers.

The best time to take control of your child’s ability to learn is now. And there is no better way for a child to learn than for them to do it through play, developing important skills like counting, recognising shapes and colours, reasoning and interacting with all the colourful, kid-friendly situations in the games.

This collection of games is a unique, beautifully designed, fun and imaginative. So, rather than put them down in front of the TV set, why not let them explore their reasoning abilities and grow their capacity for learning?

The first 1000 days of a child’s life are the most important time in their learning and development journey. Children between 2 and 5 years old absorb information and retain it best when they are at an early age. Enable them with this scintillating set of games for kids – although who knows? You may even want to have a go at some of these games yourself.

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