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Baby phone – Games for Kids 2+ APK

About Baby phone - Games for Kids 2+

Learning & educational cell phone game for kids, call to animals & learn numbers

Baby Phone is fun educational app for toddlers full of interesting kids interactive features, colorful characters and a simple interface that will teach your little age kid how to use the mobile phone correctly, help in learning the number series and let just enjoy the game without internet or wifi!

Our mobile app can become the first learning phone with that your curious kids will learn numbers and develop communication skills in an interactive way. Preschoolers from 2 to 5+ years old can study, talk and play at the same time!

Immerse yourself in the interesting world of learning! Our games for babys helps parents in turning their smartphones or tablets into a cool toy phone for kids.

Your kid will be able: listen to the names of the numbers and learn their pronunciation, learn what sounds different animals make, and just have fun playing.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Features of kids games for small boys and girls ⭐️⭐️⭐️

? Four educational game sections ?

The app is easy to use and has a simple user interface in which toddlers will be able to navigate without any difficulties. We have created an unusual phone for babies that contains some sections aimed both at the games and the teaching of prekindergarteners. Develop memory, imagination and have fun by playing the games on the kids smartphone screen.

1️⃣ Musical figures ?

To increase kid's interest in the baby-phone game, we have developed a special numeric keypad that makes piano sounds when you press the number buttons. Let your little ones try to come up with their own number combinations to create short pieces of music!

? Listen and repeat ?

This section of educational game for babies let your youngest kids of 3-4 yrs listen to the pronunciation and repeat it correctly. Teach your kids the basics of the number series and develop the speech together!

? Forest voices ?

Play interesting offline babygames with your two years old kid in a magical forest and learn what sounds different animals make. Our cool kid's phone game will help to distinguish between different sounds and correctly recognize animal species.

? Spend time with friends ?

Your kids will be very happy to become acquainted with cute toy animals that are always ready to play games! Tap on the icons of characters and choose who your kid want to have fun with. Your kids can listen to the music, play ball, ride on a swing, fly a kite and do many other fascinating actions. Try with your kids all the interactive in the game!

? Imitate the phone calling ?

Our interactive apps gives little boys and girls feel like adults and pretend to talk to their friends for real. Help you kid dial the telephone number and tap on the button to start a call. Special game interactive let your kids communicate with animals, as in reality, with all sound effects.

? The kid can use the apps independently ?

Forget the complicated games! Your smart kids of 2,3,4 yrs can easily use our telephone application on their own without internet or wifi.

? Lots of fun and learning ?

Embark on an exciting journey with various animal characters from the kids games on the baby's learning world. Learn while having fun offline!

Also, in-app purchases are available in the application, which are made only with the consent of the user.

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