Baby Tracker Breastfeeding

Baby Tracker Breastfeeding APK

About Baby Tracker

Simple & useful baby tracker for breastfeeding, pumping, diaper log, and more.

Baby Tracker, lifesaver for busy and forgetful parents. We offer all the functions you need for your little newborn: nursing & milk pumping log, solids tracking, vaccine record, diaper changes, sleep patterns, growth data, family sync, and more!

Baby Tracker integrates simple and intuitive design. With just quick one-handed tap, you can easily log everything in our all-in-one babycare assistant. Get your parenting schedule organized from now!

? Baby Feeding Log

- Use breastfeeding timer to track breastfeeding time for each breast

- Log all the baby's bottle feeding (breast milk, formula milk, cow milk, goat milk, etc)

- Track and record your newborn baby's response to solids feeding (preference or allergic reaction)

? Diaper Change Tracker

- Record how many diapers are changed every day

- Track your baby's pee and poop, and faster response to dehydration, constipation or diarrhea

? Parenting together

- Share with your partner or family members about records of baby's feeding, diaper changing, sleeping, etc.

- Instantly sync your baby's records between multiple devices.

? Baby Sleep Tracker

- Record baby's daily sleep time and duration

- Know the milestone that your baby starts sleeping through the night

? Growth Tracker

- Assess your baby's development, and compare against world averages

- Adjust the growth chart for premature baby

Worried about not remembering the next feeding and diaper changing?

Don't worry, you can set simple and reliable reminders in the app to remind you.

Can't answer doctors or caregivers when they inquire about your baby?

Newborn Baby Tracker summarizes information in intuitive graphs about feeding, sleep, pee, poop, and temperature, makes it simple to track all of the important information for doctors and caregivers.

If I have twins or triplets, can I use this app?

Yes, Newborn Baby Tracker allows you to switch babies. You can record multiple baby's activities in the same app.

? More Features

*Health record: track your baby's health, such as medication, vaccination and temperature check

*Diary log: record your baby's significant time with photos

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