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About Backgammon Nard offline online

Play and win backgammon nard online and offline from your phone!

Do you like backgammon for two? Looking for backgammon online long in Russian? Try our backgammon app for free! Here you can play long backgammon for free in Russian online. offline backgammon is also available in the application, i.е. backgammon offline for free and without a trial period! Also, in the game backgammon for two, the “play against a bot” mode is available.

Backgammon for Two is a game for two players where each player has fifteen pieces that move between twenty-four triangles (points) according to the roll of two dice. The goal of the game is to be the first to move all of your fifteen checkers.

There are two types - long backgammon or short backgammon (also known as American backgammon). Fortunately, in our application you can play both long backgammon online for free and short backgammon offline for free.

By choosing long backgammon online for free, you will play online with real players. These can be your friends or other random users.

Choosing the backgammon offline mode, you will have to fight with a specially trained bot and its artificial intelligence. This option is a great solution for self-training! Indeed, despite the fact that, by design, backgammon is intended for two, you can play it alone, and not waste time looking for a second player.

The application allows you to play backgammon for free, including backgammon online long in Russian. At the same time, our application guarantees a truly addictive game with authentic backgammon sets, game dice and gameplay.

Play multiplayer long backgammon for free in Russian online and take part in contests, challenges, online quests and much more! Come back every day and get extra bonuses.

Welcome to NardeGammon, where you can play solo against artificial intelligence or play backgammon for two with real opponents!

All backgammon is available to you here for free:

  • short and long backgammon
  • backgammon offline for free, i.e. backgammon without internet and without app purchase
  • backgammon long online for free, including backgammon long free in Russian online, i.e. online games in Russian, and all the same without buying an app!

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