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About Background Video Recorder Pro

motion detection / recording videos / baby monitor / burst image capturing

background video recorder pro is an app that helps you record videos also in the background. it has many useful functions, for example : motion detection, baby monitoring, schedule recording and image capturing. you can even use the volume buttons or the many supporting widgets to control the camera.

background Video Recorder Pro is free, Install and press the "big red button".

machine learning - detection / object tracking:

people/faces/animals/text OCR/tracking

real time, background filters image & video camera.

motion detection tutorial

home security / baby monitoring feature : monitor up to 4 cameras from our secured website:


extra features:

1. background Motion Detection.

2. start recording using the Volume buttons.

Wear OS video tutorial:

preview, record, capture, motion detect, flip camera, zoom ,flash, send audio.

android tv - real time 30 FPS streaming + motion detection X 4 cameras:

dual camera on supported devices:

Important notices:

1. best practices:

2. run the settings:permission wizard


4. It includes 3 icons with 3 different features - you can disable 2 from the settings:

5. disable FACE UNLOCK. 2 apps cannot access the camera at the same time.

on detection you can:

1. capture images.

2. sound notification.

3. premium users can also record videos when motion detected

languages: hindi,german,spanish,portuguese,arabic and more.

"big green button" - motion detection.

"big orange button" - burst image capturing.

how to guides:

your Privacy matters:

suggestions or questions? we will be happy to hear from you mailto:[email protected]

important notices 2:

1. do not open the camera on other apps while recording.

2. long exposure creates low frame rate videos.

3. for best video quality: try beta resolutions(not stable) & change the bitrate.

most functions are free, premium version includes:

1. no Ads.

2. saving to the removable SD card

3. wearos.

4. baby monitoring.

5. save videos on motion detection

6. upload videos to google drive

7. monitor until 4 camera simultaneously(and not only 1).

8. repeat schedule recording.

becoming a premium user : press the "buy premium" button on the main menu.

premium options:

1. life time purchase to all of your devices which have your account logged into.

2. lower cost subscription.

easy in-app subscriptions management(buy/cancel)

bvr pro - best practices for motion detection on legacy devices


xiaomi & huawei:


* camera permission/Record Audio : to record videos

* write to external storage : saving those videos.

* request to manage overlay permission : to display preview.

* request to ignore battery optimization : prevent your phone from stopping our background service.

* location (optional) - add location to the videos.

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