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About BALDA - online with friends

Compose the longest words with friends and online

Original a word game for whole family

You made the right choice that you chose the best game in GooglePlay.

Play on the Internet without registration and for free.

⭐︎ Personal account (avatar, name)

⭐︎ Hints

⭐︎ Play online.

⭐︎ Play with friends up to 12 people on one device.

⭐︎ Play against the device.

⭐︎ Intuitive management.

⭐︎ Fields from 2х2 to 9х9.

⭐︎ Play on time (the ability to choose a time from 30 seconds to 5 minutes).

⭐︎ Ability to turn off time.

⭐︎ The NPC player adapts to your playing style.

⭐︎ Constantly updated dictionary.


In the middle of the field the word is selected.

You compose a word consisting of letters already on the field and necessarily one new letter that you add.

The longer the word you come up with, the more points you get.

One letter is one point.

Then the opponent goes, adding a new letter, and so on in turn.

Words in one game can not be repeated.

The word is composed of letters that are sequentially in any direction from cell to cell up, down, left or right.

You can use only nouns in their main form, that is, in the singular and nominative.

Words that exist only in the plural - LIBRA - are resolved.

The game ends when the last square of the field is filled. The one who has more points wins.

Good game!

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