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About BanG Dream! 少女樂團派對

※Notice! Please restart the mobile device after the update is complete ※ Let's start! Our BanG! ★Join the LIVE with 5 friends! ★ Band performance - Japan's popular music chart "LIVE Original Songs" "Famous Anime Cover Songs"!

5th "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party" Maximum 100 Unexpected Gacha! Happy 5th Anniversary!

"Every day the whole world is shining brightly

With everyone by our side, we can work hard without hesitation.”

*5th Anniversary Thanks! All CiRCLE members wear "thank YOU" SPECIAL T-SHIRT!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! 35 Band Girls Chorus and MV "CiRCLE THANKS PARTY!" appear!

Sing A song together!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! 35 Band Girls "New Stage Costumes" are here!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! The new MV song "Six Consecutive Songs" has been confirmed!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! Additional confirmation of the famous anime "Seven New Cover Songs"!

「unravel」「Spring をげる」「メンタルチェンソー」「Realize」「くちづけDiamond」「儳毩間ガール」

*5th Anniversary Thanks! COVER song "Difficulty SPECIAL Seven Consecutive Songs" has been added!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! Log in to get 5,000 STAR, 100 tone crystals, and the 5th Anniversary Exchange will appear!

*5th Anniversary Thanks! The Fantasy Festival is here! Dream limited card "Maruyama Aya, Uehara Higari" Dream Festival new limited card debut

*5th Anniversary Thanks! The Shining Festival is here! Flash card "Toyama Kasumi, Minato Yukina" flash festival new card limited debut

"I don't need words, just have you by my side

Thank you MUSIC forever

We can always be connected with each other Sing A Song!”

Thank you to all the fans for 5 years of daily Band Life WITH with the band girls. Let's move forward to the dream together!

"BanG Dream! Girls Band Party" 5th new link event, coming in November 2022!

◆Japanese girl music game "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party" Let's play BanG together!

. Japanese High School Girls Band - "Poppin' Party"

. King Girls Rock Band - "Afterglow"

. New Generation Idol Girls Band - "Pastel*Palettes"

. Skilled Girls Band - "Roselia"

. Happy X Lucky X Smile Girls Band - "HELLO, HAPPY WORLD!"

. Playing a fantasy world view Vio-Rock Vio-Rock - "Morfonica"

. The strongest rock band with the strongest music - "Raise A Suilen"

◆Songs performed by the orchestra - Japan's popular music chart "LIVE Original Songs", and many "well-known animation cover songs" are also included!

. Red Lotus No Yuya (Lyrics and Composer: Revo)

. Don’t Say “lazy” (Lyricist: Shoko Omori; Composer: Hiroyuki Maezawa)

. Hikaru るなら (Lyrics and Composer: Goose house)

. Soul のルフラン (Lyricist: Mianko Mikawa, Composer: Toshiyuki Omori)

. Astronomical Survey (Lyrics and Composer: Kiyo Fujiwara)

※ Only a part is introduced, and it will appear in the game in the future

◆Crazy music with friends group BanG. Up to 5 people join forces for a LIVE performance!

. Many people will perform online LIVE at the same time, let's form a BanG together!

. No physical strength limit - crazy challenge rhythm limit, BanG every day!

◆7 ​​exclusive stories of girls' bands. let's start! Our BanG!

. From the establishment of the band to the youthful track of standing on the LIVE stage, let's shine together~

. Liberation Orchestra Story Cards, 35 Orchestra Girls Cards are waiting for your collection

. Delicate and vivid LIVE 2D technology. "Daily Life of Band Girls"

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