Basketball Games: Dunk & Hoops

Basketball Games: Dunk & Hoops APK

About Basketball Games: Dunk & Hoops

Get in dunking games! Dribble, Smash it & be dunk legends of hoop basketball.

? Want to dribble hoops? ?

Play basketball games 5v5 match. Dunk the ball, dribble hoops, and smash hit in the basketball arena. Dodge the college basketball dunkers and slam dunk the ball through the hoops. Join the ball dunking games to enjoy face-off matches with basketball stars.


Catch the ball when shot, bounce the basketball through the rivals, and pass between your ballers. Enter the college basketball team, and train yourself to compete with the basketball legends. Win the matches to reach the tournament's top and big win the basketball.

?️ Dunk the Hoop:

Beat your best with dribble hoops and score unlimited dunks to make a record. Play limitless dunking games!


• Play basketball offline games anytime

• New games offers 5v5 matches

• Get new kits, stadiums, and balls

• Select your international team

• Multiple Modes to play

• Tournament matches for Basketball games


QUICK PLAY: Enter the basketball arena and play a 5v5 basketball game against rival dunkers.

CAREER MODE: Play basketball, dribble hoops as your favorite team, win the matches & take home the trophies. Either play the tournaments or challenge international basketball stars for PVP matches.

BEAT YOUR BEST: Dribble hoops in dunking games and make new high scores daily to win exciting rewards.

TRAINING: Learn how to play in a team. Pass the ball to the fellow players, practice shooting the ball from a significant distance, and jump up to dunk the ball to score.

? Play basketball games offline with new games features and win all the tournaments from college basketball to the world cup. Strike as a team of basketball stars and take home the trophy. Make new dunking records in offline game and become a top basketball hooper.

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