Bat Launcher

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About Bat Launcher

Hacker style UI & Hacker simulator

Ever wonder if you can use your phone like a pro hacker? Now with Launcher, you can do a lot of things like a real hacker. 

Build-in commands

add: to put an app/contact into folder

remove: to remove an app/contact from folder

clipboard: to get text in clipboard

restart: to restart

clear: to clear the console output

show: to re-enable disabled apps/contact

wifi: to toggle WiFi

bluetooth: to toggle bluetooth

folder: to display folder

apps: to display all apps

flash: to toggle flash

weather: to display current weather

shell: to use shell

locateme: to display an image of your current location

note: to start editing a note

encrypt: to send encrypted message

ls: to display information of an item

code: to display a window displaying codes

number: to make phone call

equation: to calculate the equation



Apply widgets to make your launcher even cooler.


You can customize your launcher by setting wallpaper, text color/size/font, keyboard, even applying icon pack!

Powerful Shell

To run shell commands, simply use ‘shell’ to start! 

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