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About Bau Cua 2020

The No. 1 Bau Cua in Vietnam is back with a new and beautiful version!

Bau Cua 2020 is a very popular and widely loved dice game in Vietnam. Bau Cua 2020 is a game of shaking gourd, crab, shrimp, and fish that are played a lot on Tet. Bau Cua is Vietnam's number 1 dice game of Game Offline Hay.

Are you a Fan of dice games? You are wondering, are bored this Holiday does not know what to do? Do not worry, the crab tycoon Vietnam has come back with a more genuine version many times. Download now to shake the crab very cool!


If you feel like shaking the dice, the game is too common, Game Offline Hay would like to introduce 2 completely new game modes:

- The Crab Ring is new and attractive. first launched at Google Play.

- 777 Crab Gourd has 1 0 2. Only at Bau Cua 2020 has appeared.


- At the beginning of the game, select the bet level.

- Bet on the desired items (Gourd, Crab, Shrimp, Fish, Deer, Chicken).

- Open the cup and announce the results.

- If the dice match the item wagered, you get the bonus amount.

- Otherwise you will lose all your stake.


- 100% free.

- No need Wifi / Internet connection.

- Suitable for all ages.

- Beautiful interface, many colors.

- Attractive sound.

Bau Cua - dice game, is very popular during the holidays. Quickly download Bau Cua 2020 for a fun and entertaining bet.

Note: This is a fun entertaining mobile game, any win or loss in the game does not mean you will win at actual gambling games.

Download and experience the game Bau Cua 2020!

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