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About Bé của mẹ

Let becuame.vn share parenting knowledge

Mother's Baby is a social networking app that helps mothers share information to better raise their babies.


✓ Knowledge sharing forum and FAQ:

A place for mothers to ask questions and share experiences on all topics of health, education, family and life.

✓ Knowledge handbook:

The knowledge of pregnancy and child care is collected from our books. Hope the mother can find a good parenting way.

✓ Track your baby's development:

Keep track of your baby's height and weight and show if your baby's growth is balanced or not.

✓ Write a diary:

Mothers, please keep these memorable parenting moments here.

✓ Share the baby's moments:

Create beautiful pictures for moms to show off on the forum or on facebook

Mothers, please becuame.vn raise your children well. Because children are our future.

Product developed by becuame.vn with ♥♥♥

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