Bermain Uang Rupiah

Bermain Uang Rupiah APK

About Bermain Uang Rupiah

Applications for learning and playing recognize and use rupiah money

Simple Educational Game to learn and play knowing and using rupiah money

Let's try the game playing rupiah money, the Playing Rupiah application is very suitable for younger siblings who are in elementary to junior high school, but it is possible for friends to use them to practice counting skills

In this game, you will learn to recognize various kinds of rupiah denominations, besides that you can also play rupiah currency exchange games and also pay shopping games that are simulated like being at a store cashier. That way, the younger siblings not only learn to recognize the fractions, but also learn and play to use the rupiah.

The learning concept in this application is designed interactively with interesting games and interesting sounds so that younger siblings don't get bored while playing.

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