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Beten Ethiopia is a multi-faced online platform established to provide Up To date information on properties available in the market for sale or rent and to connect property owners with prospective buyers and renters. In addition to this, the online platform is prepared for the purpose of connecting clients with Lawyers and Legal Advisers. The online platform is consisting of a website application ( integrated with a mobile application (Beten Ethiopia), Telegram bot (@beten_et_bot), and other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube channel) as well as a call center in order to best serve and create value for our community. The technology-led and future-focused is owned and operated by Beten Ethiopia PLC established in 2014, which is also introducing a software solution for the management of condominiums and luxury high-end apartments as well as connecting customers who have property-related legal issues with professional and seasoned Lawyers and legal advisors.

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