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About bGEO

Free voice GPS navigation with live traffic and free maps

bGEO – is a hybrid navigation system that combines the advantages of offline GPS navigators with the convenience of using online applications. The navigator uses compact size vector maps, so bGEO can work in poor signal strength areas since maps are automatically downloaded and cached on the device. In the absence of access to the Internet, bGEO automatically switches to offline mode and works as an offline navigator.

Using the navigation app is very simple - download, launch and define a route. Required maps data will be downloaded automatically and used for routing.


- Free OSM (OpenStreetMap) maps

- Offline and online navigation

- Push-To-Talk radio

- Advanced voice navigation

- Friends on the map

- Speed camera warnings

- Live traffic

- Events warnings (accident, traffic police and others.)

- Automatic usage of road conditions info (road closures, direction change, turn restrictions etc.).

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