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Check and play the most challenging bible puzzle so far - Bible Cryptogram.

Cryptograms have a long history. Caeser cipher is one of the best known. Once used for message security, cryptograms are now widely used for entertainment purposes. We created the Bible Cryptogram to combine both fun of the bible and decrypt. Only deciphering with a high IQ and enriching bible knowledge, you can pass these challenges. Ready? Let's Go!

The Bible Cryptogram is a word puzzle featuring encrypted text that the players decrypt to reveal a bible scripture.
? Bible verses written in encrypted codes;
? Secret letters are substituted by other letters, numbers, or symbols;
? Crack the codes and find out the ''cryptoletter'';
? A cryptoletter represents a different letter of the alphabet in the solution. For example, if the cryptoletter D represents A, then anywhere you see D in the coded message, you can replace it with A.

Bible Cryptogram is always worth a try, so search no more and download for free now!
? The whole bible book, from the new testament to the old testament is encrypted;
? Decipher Lord's words and get enlightened;
? Excellent brain game to test your logic;
? Brilliant game for home or travel;
? 10, 000+ quotes to solve with varying difficulties.

?What Developer Say:
Bible Cryptogram is pretty new, but we are still working hard to improve your gaming experience. So do feel free to send us an email if you have any suggestions or troubles at [email protected]. All feedback is warmly welcomed to make better services and games for you~

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