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About Bible Games: Trivia Bible Quiz

Word bible quiz, hangman bible game for Christian adults, Christian Radio

Are you looking for free Christian games such as the trivia bible quiz games?

Do you want to play bible quiz games for everyone, and have fun while testing your bible knowledge?

Download Bible Games now and play the best bible games to enjoy and have fun with friends. Our trivia bible game was made for Christians who are interested in learning more about the Bible scriptures. Testing your bible knowledge is also a good way to grow faith and have fun at the same time.


Our bible trivia quiz game allows you to pick between 3 game modes: Bible Quiz, Bible True or False & Bible Hangman. Each correct answer gives you the bible verse where the answer is mentioned, thus further enabling you to remember and learn.


Each incorrect answer takes 1 of your 3 lives. You lose the game after you lose all 3 lives and then your points are accumulated. On the harder questions, you can use help to guess the correct answer such as Skip question, Remove 2 Wrongs, and Majority Vote. The help you will receive costs coins, which you collect by successfully completing the bible trivia challenges.


Think you have the perfect bible knowledge? Test your bible & Christianity education by playing the bible trivia challenge for each game mode and see your score on the global leaderboard of players. Can you become the bible word trivia master and outsmart them all?


When you decide to relax, you can also play Christian radio stations from within the bible Jesus game including Christian Life Radio, Christian Radio, Cape Christian Radio, and more.


● 3 trivia bible games: bible quiz, bible hangman, bible true or false

● the correct answer also displays the bible verse where it’s mentioned

● 3 lives

● collect coins to buy help

● skip, remove 2 wrongs, and get a majority vote

● watch ads to continue the game

● global leaderboards

● listen to Christian radios

● turn sounds on/off

● get daily reminders

● dark mode

Now don’t miss this fun bible trivia game with hundreds of questions about the Bible. It’s finally time to determine who knows the bible the best among your friends, family, as well as Christians across the globe.

☑️ Download and play the bible trivia game free!

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