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Bil ve Kazan Ödüllü Yarışma APK

About Bil ve Kazan

A general culture quiz where you can win real prizes by solving questions.

Are ordinary question and answer games getting boring? Are you looking for an award-winning quiz where you can join the quiz and win real gifts? Then Know and Win is for you!

Know and Win is a fun question game where you can answer the questions correctly in the quiz and win prizes by competing with other players.

Thanks to the increasing difficulty level as you progress in the game, daily renewed free coins, jokers to make your job easier in the parts you have difficulty, unique scoring system and monthly renewed leaderboard.

It differs from similar games by providing a competitive environment and offers you an excellent gaming experience.

With the know and win competitive environment; It's much more than just a "play to win" or "earn free gift" style gift-winning app! To win a prize, you need to be successful in questions in different categories and be in the top three on the leaderboard.


Each competition has a total of 10 questions in different categories with 3 difficulty levels. Easy questions earn 1 point, medium difficulty questions 2 points, and difficult questions 3 points. An extra 5 points are earned when all questions in a competition are answered correctly.


On the 1st day of each month, the top three competitors on the leaderboard with at least 3000 points from the previous month are eligible to receive a prize. Awards are published in the prize pool section within the application. The rewards you have won

sent to your registered email address and in-app notification list.


Every day, 10 coins are given as a gift by the system. One coin is used to start each competition. Gift tokens are not transferable to the next day. In addition to gift coins, if desired, coins can be purchased from within the application. First, the gifted tokens are spent.


Our questions are prepared by special experts as easy, medium and difficult. Our database is constantly updated. Thanks to its wide range of questions in different categories, this online quiz will not only give you an excellent gaming experience, but will also help you improve your general knowledge!


You can take your game experience to the next level by using jokers in the questions you have difficulty. You can change the current question with the "Pass" wild card, you can eliminate 2 incorrect options with "50", or you can accept the current question as correct with the "Can" wild card and move on to the next question. Also remember, wildcards cannot be used in the last 2 questions!


You can follow your instant ranking with the leaderboard. In addition, you can filter according to the city you are in or a certain time period, such as daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.


This online quiz is entirely in Turkish and has been developed by Turkish developers.


You don't have to pay any fees to play Trick and Win. You can play the quiz game for free and win prizes.


Have you run out of tokens? Or do you have any difficult questions? So, in this quiz quiz, you can buy coins or "Life" right with one click and compete with other players in a better way.


Want to remove ads? Then you can remove the ads by purchasing a premium membership and make your gaming experience more enjoyable.


You can increase your score by watching rewarded ads or suggesting questions. You earn 3 points for every approved question suggestion or rewarded ad you watch.

Are you ready to win prizes with this new question and answer game in the style of who wants to be a millionaire, released in 2023? Come on, download now is the time!

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