Bitcore: the Crypto idle game

Bitcore: the Crypto idle game APK

About Bitcore: the Crypto idle game

Legend crypto miner, offline money simulator. Tap coin base mine, clicker mining

Psst, do you want to do a little bit of mining? That’s exactly what we’ve got!

Bitcore: idle crypto clicker is a mining simulator. Mine Bitcoin(game currency) with one finger – just click and get Bitcoin(game currency) on your mining farm.

The game starts with your farm. What you need to do is grow your cryptocurrency business. To do this, pump up your earning skills, buy and improve new equipment, like video cards, farms, exchanges, and develop a network of assets. Subdue the world to yourself, grow your devices, become a millionaire.

Key Features:

Enhancements and upgrades

There are over 400 different upgrades to help you mine Bitcoin(game currency) and rake in the dough. Work the video cards and improve cooling systems, increase click power and passive earnings to build your crypto empire!

Buying Devices

Buy new hardware and increase your mining power, take over the whole business to earn more money. After all, no one had cancelled passive income. There are 20 different types of assets to buy.


Catch your luck and get accelerated Bitcoin(game currency) mining. Ask the hackers for some help and they will double the number of earned Bitcoins(game currency) per minute. Upgrade your hash decryption and get instant profits!


Bitcoin(game currency) mining goes on when you are not in the game. Even when you have no internet connection, the game will continue mining in-game Bitcoin(game currency).


There are over 250 achievements in the game – unlock them all! After all, the more achievements, the faster the mining.

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