About BlédiPOP

Everyday, good baby menus! (from 6 months)

BlediPOP is simple, it's the secret of TOP parents! They find menus specially developed for babies from 6 to 36 months, more than 1,000 recipes adapted to their nutritional needs, and that's not all: experts who can really be reached all the time.

Your baby's menus from 6 months:

Every day, BlédiPOP offers you varied menus adapted to your baby's age while awakening his taste buds over the days. Find daily proposals for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, adapted to their nutritional needs. With BlédiPOP, day after day, preparing baby's meals becomes child's play! BlédiPOP is also advice and tips to live serenely all stages of your baby's diet.

More than 1000 recipes (yum!):

With or without gluten, with or without milk and depending on the baby's age... more than 1000 recipes are available on your BlédiPOP application! All you have to do is make them... step by step. With all these recipes developed with our nutritionists, and cooked with love by mum or dad, baby can't dream of a better meal!

Experts reachable all the time:

Because baby food is serious business, our experts support you in the great adventure of food diversification. BlédiPOP allows you to contact Blédina experts as soon as you need them, and that's important to support you on a daily basis! And yes, baby does not wait!

In summary, on BlédiPOP, parents will find:

- Menus for babies from 6 months

- Recipes specially developed according to baby's age, to be made step by step

- Good advice, tips to accompany you every day on baby food - Specialists at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- All the expertise and passion of Blédina!

In short, a great application to download without delay to follow the adventure of baby food diversification and much more!

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