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Edit & trim talking videos; add caption, subtitle for perfect closed captioning.

Blink can help you create stunning talking videos quickly, perfect for vlogs and short video platforms. With teleprompter recording, AI video script writer, auto caption & subtitle, and the Descript alike editing features, you can produce professional short videos without any video editing experience.

? Auto Stylish Captions & Subtitles for Videos

Engage your audience with synchronized captions and customizable subtitles, including closed captioning for better video accessibility. Blink's video caption generator automatically adds closed captions, supports multilingual captions in various sought-after styles, including the trendy Hormozi style. Enjoy highly accurate video captioning through auto captions for talking videos and multilingual subtitle support. Reduce post-production with time-coded captions and subtitles, making Blink your ideal caption and video maker.

⏺️ Voice-Synced Teleprompter for Easy Recording

No need to memorize lines! Read from a script or prompt while maintaining eye contact with your camera or audience using our teleprompter app for Android. The scrolling speed is synced to your voice, allowing you to speak at your own pace. Blink's teleprompter supports front and rear-facing camera recording, landscape and portrait modes, and adjustable scrolling speeds. It also features a customizable font size, remote control compatibility, mirroring for use in professional prompter or teleprompter rigs, and a countdown timer for recording.

✂️ Edit Videos By Deleting Text

Elevate your video editing process with our Descript alike feature. Simply delete words from the transcribed text and watch as the corresponding video and audio segments are seamlessly removed. It's as easy as it sounds! Plus, the ability to eliminate any silence or filler words with just one click is also at your disposal, making your video content as streamlined and engaging as ever.

✍️ AI Script Writer with ChatGPT Integration

Improve your video scripts and save time with Blink's built-in ChatGPT. Just type out your ideas, and the AI writer will create polished video scripts in no time, giving you a big view of your content. This powerful tool streamlines your content creation process, allowing you to focus on delivering your message with confidence and ease.

? Real-Time Chromakey Green Screen Effects

Looking for a better or different recording scene? Blink allows you to swap out your background with a wide range of virtual green screen scenes while recording. Think of offices, work studios, and living rooms - the possibilities are endless! No post-production editing is needed with our advanced Chromakey green screen effects.

? Fun Emojis, GIFs & Sound Effects

Enhance your content by adding an array of GIFs, emojis and sound effects from our extensive library. Personalize your videos and keep your viewers engaged with eye-catching visuals that animate in sync with your speech, and immerse them in your story with engaging audio.

?️ Studio-Quality Audio Recording

Elevate your videos with studio-quality audio using Blink's AI-powered noise reduction. Our advanced audio enhancement filters out background noise, ensuring your voice comes through with clarity and precision. Confidently deliver your message, knowing your audience will be engaged by your crystal-clear sound.

? Beauty Filters for the Perfect Look

Need a quick touch-up before recording? Our expertly crafted beauty filters have got you covered. Select from a wide range of filters to quickly enhance your appearance and showcase the best version of yourself to your audience.

With Blink, creating professional-quality talking videos with prompter, caption, and subtitle features has never been easier. Discover the ease of creating standout short videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and more with our teleprompter and auto subtitle app!

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