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Block Craft World 3D APK

About Block Craft World

Mini block craft 3D world simulator & survival exploration sandbox!

Block Craft World 3D is a new survival crafting and building simulator for building houses and cities! Mine many different craft blocks in an endless voxel mini world and use them to create various building items, weapons, armor and decor items. The game offers several game modes (creative sandbox and survival) and many custom ready-made maps to create your own scenario. Build and decorate beautiful unique houses with different rooms, party there with virtual friends, ride cars, bicycles and even horses! Catch fish, raise livestock and develop your own farm with a variety of vegetables and fruits!

Features of Block Craft World 3D!

* More than a hundred different blocks and items for construction, decor, as well as weapons and armor.

* Several game modes and custom mini world maps for varied games.

* There are many NPCs that you can spawn and arrange various interactions with them, as well as spawning animals and pets.

* Crafting and building a unique system that allows you to immediately craft the necessary items and blocks without much effort.

* Weather conditions, change of day and night, elaborate survival storyline for full immersion. And much more inside in Block Craft World 3D!


This app use code from the Minetest project

you can always get the newest Minetest code from

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