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About BLW Ideas

All about how to start complementary feeding with menus and recipes!

This app is designed to help parents, pediatricians and nutritionists support each other in starting complementary feeding of babies over 6 months of age through the BLW (Baby-led Weaning) approach and offering mashed foods in a respectful way. In the app you will find a complete guide by age, in addition to more than 600 recipes and menus prepared by nutritionists.

Recipes> delicious, easy and quick to make

• More than 600 recipes prepared by nutritionists

• Use our filters to find the ideal recipe

• Perfect for babies, children and of course adults!

• You can search by ingredients, save favorites and take notes.

Menus> prepared by nutritionists

• Monthly menus for each stage of the baby, from 6 months to 1 year (also suitable for the rest of the family)

• Special menu for vegetarian and vegan babies (also by age)

• Menu for lunch boxes (for children over 1 year old)

• Special menus for Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay and Colombia

• Recipes for each menu (also prepared by nutritionists)

Food> see photos, how to cut, prepare and practical tips

• Fruits

• Vegetables, vegetables and legumes

• Cereals and tubers

• Animal protein

• Milk and derivatives

• Seeds and Nuts

• Spices

• We have included a notes section for you to write down what you need: the foods that the baby liked the most, the shopping list, what you want to tell the pediatrician, etc.

List of introduced foods

• Write down the foods you have already offered and see which ones are missing


• 6 quizzes with which you can test your knowledge and learn

Access a whole world of organized information in the palm of your hand:

Guide by age> How to practice BLW step by step

• What is BLW?

• Gagging and choking

• When to start

• How to start

• How to offer

• How to get started with shredded

• How to transition to solids

• How to deal with the risk of allergies

• How to combine breastfeeding with complementary feeding

• How to continue breastfeeding when you return to work

• How to give up the bottle

• How to create a routine

• How to offer fluids

• How to deal with dirt

• How to raise awareness in your support network

• How to offer when they already make the clamp

• How to offer cutlery

• How to deal with food selectivity

• When to offer certain foods

• Aid! does not want to eat

• How to take care of oral health

• Infant feeding from the year

• Lactation after the year

• Weaning

• Other frequently asked questions

• In addition to a guide on how to freeze and disinfect food, batch cooking

If you have any questions, send us a message on Instagram at @BlwIdeasApp. We will answer all messages.

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