BRAC Fleet


About BRAC Fleet

iFleet user provides a platform that let users know about trip information.

iFleet provides an easy-to-use platform that manage vehicles over their entire lifecycle, administration, financial controlling, fuel consumption reports, vehicle, anddriver record, etc. The logbook is a detailed record of all trips for any type of vehiclefor the organization and digital logbook software is a platform to give entry all the details digitally. iFleet Digital Logbook (User) is for the people who give requisitions for any vehicle and by this, he can tracks see the driver details, vehicle information etc.


• For some Higher Authority of the organization, in-the app, there will be entitled vehicle option which vehicle will be dedicated to them.

• When the driver takes fuel for the vehicle, the user will get notification about that within 30 seconds.

• Users will get real-time information about the location and kilometers of the vehicle.

• In the app, it will update the car's location and kilometers information in 30 seconds.

• When any user logs in to their id, they will see the numbers how many requisitions he has for that day.

• Users can give ratings to the driver based on their behavior, service which can improve the service of the drivers.

• Users can see the location of the vehicle through google map.

• User can see the vehicle’s next requisition from the app.

• Real time notification about the trip through sms and Email. SMS notification for user and Email notification for user and admin.

• User can call emergency number for emergency situations.

• Safety instructions are there to aware the users.

• Dedicated users can directly call the dedicated driver.

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