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A brand new puzzle ? and riddle game ? comes from the makers of fun-favorite Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles ? and Brain ? Test. "Brain Challenge" is one of addictive tricky puzzles or brain games ? with a series of tricky brain teasers. If you like brain games and mind games then you will relax ?‍♀️ with this puzzle game and play for your brain training.

Wash your brain ? with mind games that are meant to trick you, solve them to give your brain exercise! Riddles that will twist your mind and puzzle ? you hard: who is who, who is the father, who did it? These riddle games ? are meant for teens and adults of all ages. Quiz games to test your IQ, can you solve it? Crack riddles and trivia games to continue to the next level! Be the champion of all the smart games by training your brain out!

Brain games will get harder and challenging as you complete the levels filled with tricky riddles and logical puzzles?.Play hundreds ? of amazing jigsaw puzzles ? for your mind out and exercise with brain games and logic games.

If you are a fan of puzzles, brain challenges ? ,brain games, riddle games or any other quiz games, "Brain Challenge" is your best choice! Much funnier than classic brain games games.

Crack the riddles and become a clue hunting detective. Picture puzzles? need an eagle eye to solve. Trivia game mixed with logic puzzles, brain test ? is full of tricks and riddles that you need to beat to continue to the next level. Solving these brain puzzle games will give you a satisfying feeling of victory as you crack each level!

?This mobile game can be played anywhere and anytime?. Puzzles & riddles can be solved comfortably with one hand and you can enjoy the game without pushing yourself too hard. No reflex testing or phone shaking is needed to complete logic game levels. You can relax ?‍♀️and enjoy ?? solving our funny tricky riddles for funny brainwash ???‍♀️. Stupid test?, moron test, or dumb test, all of them are in this brain game?.

This game is unique, original, and creative, designed not only to push yourself with mind games but also to train your brain out. You can enjoy these free iq games to brainwash ?✨. What a cool brain test and brain-teasers in these thinking games!

It’s designed with multiple brain teaser games✨, tricky puzzles?, mind games, iq games, brain test, puzzle games, riddles and cool smart games to become a riddle master!

Brain test FEATURES?:


- Brain teasers for teens and adults of all ages!

- Who is who? Who did it? Can you succeed in all these puzzle games?

- Mind games aplenty: hundreds of quizzes to solve

- Mysteries to solve! Find the clues and have fun

- Riddles to solve, are you a riddle master?


- Brain training to think outside of the box

- Tricky games that will blow your brain out

- Brain test that can test your or a friend's IQ!

- Think outside of the box to solve these mind puzzles

- Crack trivia questions to be the master of smart games

- Wash your brain with this brain app!

- Brain games and Brain Go for adults to boost their brainpower.


- Logic games require sleuthing!

- Critical thinking needed to solve the game by looking for clues within the picture

- Choose this or that, just a couple options!

- Improve yourself with thinking games


• Tricky & Mind-blowing brain games and Brain Go: You will be tricked!

• Unexpected "Brain Challenge" answers to the great number of quizzes.

• Fun for All Ages: this brain teasers is The best trivia game for family & friends’ gatherings!

• Enjoy this impossible quiz.

• Download "Brain Challenge" for free.

• Endless fun and brain-pushing in "Brain Challenge".

• "Brain Challenge" is a Great exercise for the brain.

• Simple and highly addictive game play.

• Great time pass with riddle games.

• Play without the internet.

Are you the next riddle master?? Download and play Brain test today?!

Enjoy this legendary game committed to fun?!

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