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About BrakeAce

The companion app for BrakeAce MTB braking sensors. Ride smarter. Own the trail.

Brake smarter, ride faster & perform better on any trail. Use data-driven feedback to build your competitive edge and own the trail. BrakeAce Sensors measure every aspect of your braking while the app analyses your ride so you can learn exactly where and how to brake smarter.

This is a preview release as we work towards a complete version 1.0.0.
Try out this version with the sample rides included, and let us know your feedback. If you have purchased BrakeAce sensors then we will add you to the early access test program for more frequent updates: keep an eye on your emails for instructions.

Map & review your braking on any trail. The BrakeAce algorithms do the analysis for you, finding you your 3 Key Opportunities for improvement on every ride.

1. Equip: Fit your bike with BrakeAce sensors.
2. Ride: Hit your favorite trail and record your ride with the app.
3. Review: Use the BrakeAce app to analyze your ride.
4. Improve: Target your practice where it will be the most beneficial; smoking the competition and your personal bests.

Brake ace mountain bike power meter and app combo training tool to improve your riding. Find your flow. How to ride better. Ride smoother. Ride more in control. MTB coaching. Be a pro rider!
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