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About BubbleFong Friends

Make a massive splash in BubbleFong Friends!

BubbleFong Friends is inspired by the classic arcade-puzzle games that have stood the test of time.

Its gameplay is a combination of the casual bubble-shooter and battle royale game styles to provide an epic and exciting twist to the classic games that everyone knows and loves.

BubbleFong Friends will take the P2E gaming industry by storm by providing a multi-platform game service that is easy to play and learn, will be recognized by anyone, anywhere, and is built to be relevant for a very long time.

[Pioneering the Popularization of becoming everyone's first Blockchain game]

- Classic Gameplay with a Modern Twist

BubbleFong Friends puts a spin on classic arcade-puzzle games that have stood the test of time by combining the casual bubble-shooter and battle royale game styles to create exciting gameplay!

- Embracing ‘Family-Friendly’ E-Sports

BubbleFong Friends has adapted to modern esports culture to preserve its relevance in the gaming industry.

- Play Anywhere, Anytime

BubbleFong Friends is developed to be playable not only on mobile devices but also on PC, gaming consoles, and even Smart TVs making it the ‘World’s First Multi-Platform Blockchain’ game!

[Game Modes]

- 101 Battle Royale

Compete against 100 opponents in real time in this exhilarating gaming experience. Be the last one standing!

- Team Battle

Gather friends and family to form teams and compete in this 4v4 Team Battle. Lead your team to victory!

- Story Mode

Play at your own pace and with your own style in Single Player Story Mode!

- Seasonal Rank League

BubbleFong Friends includes Ranked Ladder modes. Become the best bubble shooter in the world!


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