Buddies – party game

Buddies – party game APK

About Buddies - party game

Compete against your friends!

Buddies is a game... no, scratch that. Buddies is an adventure in which you and your friends will be forced to settle issues that have so far been shrouded in ambiguity. Which of you is the best cook? Which of you will start tearing up first while watching a moving film? All secrets will come to light, and you will surely learn something new about yourself.

The game requires a minimum of 3 brave players.

To begin with, you get 50 free questions (but don't worry, there are over 650 more to unlock from various categories such as Sport, Adventure, School...).

Are you looking for something fun to do at a party that will get the crew going and bring lots of laughter? You couldn’t have made a better choice. Positive emotions guaranteed!

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