Bullet Path Shooter Offline

Bullet Path Shooter Offline APK

About Bullet Path

Amazing shooting offline game! Use your force and guns to strike enemies!

Bullet Path Shooter Offline is a new take on action offline top down shooter!

Make your way through crowds of enemies, using ever more powerful weapons and upgrading your abilities and armor!

Use a variety of tactics to suit your specific weapon type and current environment to take full advantage of your tactical shooting advantage!

The game uses automatic shooting mode, allowing you to focus on the movement of the character and choose the right positions.

Top Tips:

- Choose at the start of each level which weapons you will take, each of which has a unique shooting style and behavior. You will definitely feel the pleasure of shooting!

- Think over your tactics of passage, choosing different routes and analyzing your enemies and their location. You can burst in with a shotgun at the ready and scatter everyone, or you can quietly mow down enemies from around the corner like a sniper game!

- Each level, choose those abilities that will enhance your current shoot style and the selected type of weapon. What will you choose: triple armor or faster weapon reload?

- Clear levels and get to dangerous bosses surrounded by a gang of henchmen! Bosses don't just remind you of anyone, do they? They also behave unpredictably - better not come close!

- Gain experience points and earn money to spend on upgrading your favorite weapons and armor to be the deadliest weapon in this shooter game!


- Lots of different weapons with unique behaviors and models

- Fast and energetic fights on small but exciting levels!

- Unlock and upgrade your favorite weapons and armor while taking breaks!

- Beautiful stylized graphics to enjoy shooting!

- Funny but dangerous bosses - who will shoot whom?

- Choice of abilities makes each level of the shooter unique!

- Convenient one-finger control with automatic shooting

- Full offline support

Download Bullet Path Shooter Offline and feel all the fun of shooting and exciting action!

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