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Bykea: Moving People & Parcels APK

About Bykea: Moving People & Parcels

All-in-one platform for ride-hailing, logistics, and payments.

Bykea is an all-in-one app for transportation, delivery, and payment services. Our marketplace of services helps move people, parcels, and payments efficiently and affordably.

Here is the list services offered by Bykea:

Bike Ride

Book a bike taxi ride in now in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and all over Pakistan on affordable rates a faster pickup time.

Car Ride

Book your car/taxi ride for yourself or for a group of friends or family for weekend outing trip and best rates and comfortable cars.

Rickshaw Ride

Request a Rickshaw ride on Bykea app to visit neighborhood on great price with faster pickup time.

To make a booking, just follow the following steps:

(1) Select your service type: Ride, Delivery, Payments, or Shopping

(2) See available driver partners on the map near the pickup location

(3) Get instant confirmation with Bykea driver partner details

(4) Track your Bykea as it reaches you

(5) Once your booking ends, you can pay by cash and top up your in-app wallet

(6) Rate your driver partner.

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Plus, you can always reach us at [email protected]

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