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About Cabo

Get ready to challenge your friends and family with Cabo, the hottest card game

Cabo is the world’s first memory based card game. If you have played the game already offline, you know how fun this game is. If not, don’t worry, you are about to explore an awe-inspiring world of card gaming.

Looking for a fun multiplayer card game to challenge friends and family? You can play the Cabo Card Game with upto 4 Players in real time! And that’s not it, one player wins and gets all the tokens!

Show your skills & sharpen your memory. This game involves strategic thinking, and how you play your cards, how you can bluff and how you can win amongst other players.

So what are you thinking? Go download the Card game and beat your opponents!

Rules of Cabo Card Game:

- The game begins with 4 cards with each player gets to see 2 of their cards in the beginning

- Remember these cards because recalling is the key to winning.

- Each card’s value gives you a score (example A is 1, J is 11, Q is 12 etc.) The only exception here is King of diamonds which is a zero!

- Players can choose to pickup cards from the deck or pick an existing discarded card. The idea is to have the lowest possible score without looking at the cards. But wait there’s more.

- If you get a 9 or 10 card from the deck, you can use powers to view other opponents’ cards.

- If it’s a 7 or 8, you get to see any one of your cards.

- If you get a J or Q, you can swap any two cards on the table

- Make your own strategy, bluff and score the lowest possible score on the table and call CABO!

Cabo is not just a card game but also a memory game that will sharpen your mind and strategy skills. Also, Cabo is intended for entertainment purpose only. This game is for players over 18 years old. Cabo just simulates the game with virtual currency & does not reward any real money or prizes & is not involved in any real money gambling.

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