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Calculator Lock – Photo Vault APK

About Calculator

Use the best calculator lock photo vault app to hide photos and videos.

Calculator Lock allows you to hide all types of files, including photos, videos, audio file, document file, private notes and other items in hidden space with calculator password protection. It also provides you with other useful functions, including photo viewer, video player, camera, etc. You can use Calculator Lock as a private parallel space in your phone.

Your files will be secretly stored in Calculator Locker and can only be accessed by entering a digital PIN.

Disguised as a secret calculator, Calculator Lock is a stunning free video vault, photo gallery lock, audio protector and privacy guard for your personal information and media files.

Calculator Lock - Photo Vault App Main Features :

- Hide photos & videos : Secret media files will be stored here and will not be shown in any other photo album, gallery or file manager. Keep others away from your private photos, videos, movies in safe media files vault.

- Video Player : You can play hidden videos inside calculator lock. The video player provides very convenient functions to allow you easily adjust the brightness, sound, and one-key mute to help you quickly switch in various situations.

- Built-in Photo Gallery : Through Built-in Photo Gallery, you can easily view all hidden photos inside the calculator lock app. This Hidden Photo Gallery app also supports you to edit photos. You can add filters, crop, text, adjust just like picture editing app.

- Hidden App Locker : Using this you can lock app also, For apps that have been locked, people need to enter a password or draw the unlock pattern to use. App lock can prevent privacy from leaking to others.

- Private Browser : If you want to protect your browsing data, then using the private browser is a good choice, it can provide you with a secret and anonymous browsing experience.

- Secret Notes : Using this app you can protect your secret notes, easily hide it from the world and make it to private.

- Icon Disguise : The icon of the application looks like an ordinary system calculator, and you can also use it to perform calculations. The way you enter the password to open the private space of the calculator is also very secret. Except for yourself, no one will know the existence of this private space.

- Restore photo and video : Once you Hide Pictures and Lock Videos inside the vault, You can anytime use the export icon provided in the vault app to unhide your media whenever needed.

- Password Recovery : if you forgot the password of this Secret Gallery Locker App then don't worry you can easily recover by verify your security question and reset the password.

Calculator Lock Photo Vault app can secretly Hide Photos, Hide Videos, Hide document file and other files without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a beautiful calculator and works very well.

Hide photo lock and videos - Secret calculator lock keep your photos/videos safe and private with photo and video vault.


Q: How to use?

A: Enter your password on calculator and press '=' button to open.

Q: How to retrieve your password?

A: Please click '?' button to verify your security question and then reset the password. If you still have issues, please choose 'Trouble in logging' and send us e-mail and our support team will contact you within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy:

Contact us: [email protected]


Your privacy is important to us!

Your files are stored only on your device, so please make sure to backup all your hidden files from Calculator Lock - Photo Vault app before transferring to new device, uninstall the app or factory reset.

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