Callbreak Prince: Card Game

Callbreak Prince: Card Game APK

About Callbreak

Callbreak tash game is a trump game, a trick taking card game.

Callbreak is a strategic trick-taking card game, similar to Spades, Hearts, Bridge, Gin Rummy and Call bridge, which is popular in South Asian countries like Nepal and India. It's also known as Lakdi/Lakadi.

Callbreak is an offline card game and you can have endless hours of fun with friends and family.

Callbreak Features:

Simple card game design and excellent graphics;

Hints and tutorials ;

Swipe or click to play card;

Completely offline, super-smooth gameplay;

Callbreak How to Play:

Call break is simple to play. 52 cards are randomly dealt among 4 tash players, so that each tash player has 13 cards. Based on their card and spades, spades are the trump cards in Callbreak. They choose between 1 to 12 score.

Card players throw card according to rule and the card player with the highest card wins the hand. To succeed, a card player must win the number of tricks called, or one more trick than the call. If a callbreak player succeeds, the number called is added to his or her cumulative score. If not, card player will have negative scores.

When the call break card game ends the callbreak player with the highest score is the winner.

Timely Updates:

Our call break team aim is to entertain people all our world through our card games. Your feedback, for callbreak is very helpful to us bring you the top Callbreak free card game possible!

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