Candy Magic Rubik Cube

Candy Magic Rubik Cube APK

About Candy Magic Rubik Cube

Let's play this amazing famous puzzle game in fresh sweet look!

It's a realistic simulator of The world's best known magic Rubik's cube game in 3D.

candy magic Rubiks cube features:

- Two cubies available: 2x2 (2x2x2) and 3x3 (3x3x3).

- Choose your favorite color theme: frozen dessert, lollipop or ice-lolly.

- Practice mode: play in a free relax way.

- Competition mode: take a new achievement - beat your personal best time.

- Camera type: free cube rotation in all axis or locked movements.

- You are in a good mood.

The rubix puzzle’s goal is to simply match each of the six sides of the cube with the same color by turning each face one after another.

This game hasn't a solver, and can't help you. All hope is only on your brain. Good luck!

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