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Give your child the Internet they deserve with Canopy! With our parental control, content filtering & family safety features, over 100,000 families already trust our technology to keep pornography out of their digital experience with our premium porn blocker.

Canopy protects kids from online pornography by functioning as a porn blocker and content filtering system, stopping exposure before it happens to maximize your family's safety. Whenever your child surfs the web or uses their favorite apps, Canopy’s advanced artificial intelligence system works seamlessly in the background to inspect the images, videos, and websites they encounter. When it detects pornography, Canopy's parental control family safety intercepts and removes it before your child ever sees it. And that's only the beginning - on top of our porn blocker capabilities, Canopy offers a complete content filtering experience to ensure safe browsing for your family.

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Here’s how Canopy can help you protect your family:

✓ Real-Time Smart Content Filtering

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly removes pornographic content from websites and apps in milliseconds, giving your child a healthy, positive digital experience. Even better, our AI doesn’t block safe content – get the good without the bad!

✓ Sexting Prevention & Porn Blocker

Monitors the camera on your child’s device, prevents them from sharing inappropriate photos, and notifies you immediately if a risky photo is detected

✓ Removal Alerts

Receive quick, helpful notifications if your child tries to remove or disable Canopy

✓ Website Management

Create a customized list of blocked or allowed websites to tailor your child’s online experience

✓ Location Awareness

Keep up with your child no matter where life takes them using a detailed real-time GPS map

✓ App Management

Encourage your child to spend time wisely by blocking distracting apps and games

✓ Easy Monitoring & Parental Control

Receive convenient notifications about your child’s online activity and adjust their Canopy settings from your personal device using the Canopy for Parents app or Canopy web dashboard.

Free trial with every subscription! If you don’t love Canopy, let us know up to thirty days after you sign up for a full refund.

*Important note: Canopy for Parents is the control app for the Canopy Kids app. You should download Canopy for Parents to your personal device. After you create your account, Canopy for Parents will lead you through the process for installing the Canopy Kids app on your child’s device. For Canopy to work, you must install the Canopy Kids app on your child’s device.

Canopy works with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Give us a call! Our friendly customer support team is available to answer your questions:

US phone: +1 (888) 820-1918 from Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 8 pm CT.

AUS phone: 1800-95-2345, 7am - 7pm AEST every day.

Help Center site:

Over 100,000 families around the world already trust our technology to enable them to experience the digital world without the risk. But Canopy doesn’t just protect your kids – it also encourages responsible habits, facilitates transparency and trust, and creates opportunities for important conversations. In other words, Canopy empowers you to parent in the digital world just like you do in the real one.

The Internet can be an amazing place. Canopy equips families to make the most of it.

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