Cerita Anak : Roro Jonggrang C

Cerita Anak : Roro Jonggrang C APK

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The Story of Roro Jonggrang and the Construction of Prambananan Temple by Bandung Bondowoso

Tells the story of Roro Jonggrang and Bandung Bondowoso where Bandung Bondowoso wants to marry the beautiful beautiful Princess Roro Jonggrang, but Roro Jonggrang proposes conditions to Bandung Bondowoso if he wants to marry her. Namely, building 1000 temples overnight. Finally Bandung Bondowoso obeyed Roro Jonggrang's request to build 1000 temples in one night by mobilizing the help of the jinn.

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About RARA

RARA is an abbreviation of Stories of the Archipelago, which is a product of Indonesian children's stories created by the Indonesian-language Solite Kids Education Platform.

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