Charlie Charlie Jump Challenge

Charlie Charlie Jump Challenge APK

About Charlie Charlie

Charlie Charlie Challenge with added jumpscares! The most scary Charlie game!

Summon the spirits in Charlie Charlie Challenge by asking the question: "Charlie Charlie - are you there?". Once Charlie Charlie has been summoned the pencil will point towards YES.

Press the button to ask your own questions and Charlie Charlie will answer, but beware - Charlie Charlie likes to play tricks and you may get a scary jumpscare instead!

Keep asking questions to receive answers from the spirit world - and see if you can find all the jumpscares!

'Charlie Charlie Jumpscare Challenge' is based on the popular real-life spanish pencil and paper game called Juego de la Lapicera.


- Multiple creepy jumpscares to find!

- Creepy music and bone tingling sound effects!

- Evil spirits, creepy insects and scary shocks to find.

- The scariest Charlie Charlie Challenge game available.

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