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About Chess Online Stockfish 15.1

Chess Buddy Online - open source chess app with Stockfish 15.1 engine

Play with real players worldwide online or play with Stockfish 15.1 offline, one of the strongest computer chess engines.

Main features:

- Very easy to setup user account with just a user-id you choose, as long as

it's not used by other player. No need to provide email or anything else.

- When play online, you can use 6-8 hints provided by Stockfish at any move.

This will add much more fun to the game.

- You can have friends and chat with them anytime.

- During online game, you can chat with opponent too.

- Communication speed is very high, so you can play fast games.

- The latest Stockfish engine is integrated inside the app.

No need to install another engine app.

- Simple and easy to use user interface with 25 language-options

for label display :

"English", "Spanish", "Indonesian", "Filipino", "Russian", "Vietnamese",

"French", "Portuguese", "Turkish", "Italian", "Greek", "Korean", "Japanese",

"Bangla", "Arabic", "Persian", "German", "Romanian", "Chinese", "Hebrew",

"Azerbaijani", "Kazakh", "Serbian", "Croatian", "Hindi"

- Offline, you can set both players to be "Human(Me)" or "Stockfish" during game.

- Offline, you can set the time (1-5 seconds) the Stockfish uses in one move.

- Offline, you can rotate chess board.

- Offline, you can move backward one step with "Step Back" button.

- Offline, you can move forward or backward multiple steps.


Chess Buddy is free to download but ad-funded. Displaying adverts allows us to offer the game for free while still being able to generate some revenue to help pay for the continued development of the game.

Chess Buddy is an open source app under the GNU General Public License version 3 (GPL v3). The source files are located at:


Comments & Suggestions:

Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have comments and suggestions.

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