Chrono Crystal Tower Defense

Chrono Crystal Tower Defense APK

About Chrono Crystal

Command your army and protect the Chrono Crystal from evil forces!

Welcome to the mysterious continent of Falantero! We have been waiting for you for a long time.

As the power of darkness invades, the evil and greedy monsters and evil people start to move. The demon king who brought great calamity a thousand years ago is about to awaken again. He will break the seal and lead his army to sack everything ......

The armies are waiting for your command! Before the Chrono Crystal unleashes its powerful ability, you need to freely plan tactics within the countdown and use uniquely stylized defense towers to defeat the enemies attempting to destroy the Chrono Crystal, until the very last moment.

You will travel with the human prince through several distinctive regions and meet with regional leaders to find ways to cooperate. The various heroes you meet along the way will bring their unique talents to bear. Ultimately, you will work together to defeat the Demon King and find the truth behind this terrifying conspiracy.


- Classic style strategic tower defense.

- Battle in many special areas such as forest, kingdom, sacred tree, mine, snow realm and volcano.

- 18 towers with different abilities and unique skill effects.

- 90+ different enemies.

- 6 heroes with unique skills that can move freely around the field.

- Many challenging main levels.

- 2 additional challenging difficulty modes are available: HARD and HELL.

- 40+ unlockable steam achievements.

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