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About Coach Your Body

COACH YOUR BODY is your health, sport and healthy lifestyle app!

COACH YOUR BODY is your health, sport and healthy lifestyle app to help you become a better version of yourself every day while being connected with a team of professional coaches in real time.

Everyone wants:

More energy,

More health,

More strength,

More mobility,

More motivation,

More results ...


- collect fitness apps without ever using them.

- have an application without an exchange with a real fitness professional.

- to be yet another user in a completely impersonal application.

- to always do the same exercises without being able to adapt them to your situation, environment and state of health.

- to make efforts and sacrifices not to see any results.

Benjamin FRANKLIN said in English: "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" or in French "By not preparing yourself, you are preparing to fail!"

You dream of following your sports and health program in the same application, COACH YOUR BODY has done it!

In your pocket, you will have YOUR plan to take action to transform your mindset and your body in measurable ways, personalized to your goals, needs and expectations. Your coach will know how to adapt your program to your lifestyle and your organization as well as to everything that makes you who you are. This is the application that allows him to be by your side every day thanks to a tool at the forefront of coaching. It allows it to adapt in real time to your needs and challenges and to help you achieve your goals remotely by overcoming your obstacles.

To access the application:

1) Download COACH YOUR BODY.

2) Try our programs first.

3) Book an interview with one of our professional coaches.

4) Continue to use our free programs or upgrade to the 100% personalized program.

May the adventure begin very soon in the app!

Different innovative features to support you efficiently:

- Plan your meals and sessions created in advance by your coach, in response to your objectives.

- Add yourself the challenges and sports and nutritional programs designed by your coach.

- Modulate or adjust your schedule according to what you have actually consumed,

- Add notes to your meals and sessions to specify your feelings.

- Fill out your food aversions.

- Access your connected shopping list.

- Create, verify and share your own nutritional content (foods, recipes, meals)

- Follow the evolution of your weight, your photos and your measurements.

- Answer the assessment questionnaires created by your coach, he will be able to adapt the programs to your new needs, expectations or even pains.

- Access your personalized sessions. Preview the session or read it to know its content. Your coach will have transcribed all his instructions and advice so that you can perform your session as well as possible. Any exercise incompatible with your pain will be indicated by a red triangle and variations will be proposed to you.

- Access your load calculator.

- Add notes so that your coach can learn about your progress, your feelings and your difficulties.

This list is not fixed and the application is constantly evolving just like you ...

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