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About Colourtone

A creative photo filter app created by professional photographer Bonnie Cee!

Creative photo + video filter app developed by leading photographers and content creators. It’s time to take your edits (and Instagram) to the next level and achieve the photography aesthetic you have always dreamed of with this essential filter editing app which brings premium + professional filters directly to your iPhone.

Made for creators, trendsetters, and go-getters.

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110+ FILTERS to choose from! With our ever-expanding filter library, you’ll never need another app to find the perfect pairing for your photos. You can even create your own variations for endless creative options, all you need to do is save your favourite filters for use on future edits.

Bonnie Cee Collection (@bonniecee 192K)

Island Escape Collection (10 filters)

Summer Daze (9 filters)

Wanderlust (9 filters)

City Lights Collection (7 filters)

Classic Collection (7 filters)

Cali Summer Collection (8 filters)

Middle East Collection (4 filters)

Beach Bronze Collection (9 filters)

Royal Collection (4 filters)

Luxe B&W Collection (5 filters)

Clint Robert Collection:

@clint 377K

Clinty Beach Collection (8 filters)

Colour Pop Collection (6 filters)

Constellations Collection (7 filters)

Seasons Collection (5 filters)

Brooklyn Kelly Collection:

@brooklynkellyy 300K

Summer Collection (8 filters)

Portrait Collection (5 filters)

Film Collection (5 filters)

Adjustment settings for creative editing:

Contrast, Brightness, Saturation

Exposure, Highlights, Shadows

Vibrance, Temperature, Tint

Sharpen, Vignette, Noise

HSL Editing (Hue, Saturation, Lightness)

Additional features:

Built-in gallery to import photos & videos

Pinch to zoom for ease in photo editing

Reset button to revert to the original image

Compare button with multiple compare views to see before and after of the filter effect

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