Computer Science Calculations

Computer Science Calculations APK

About Computer Science Calculations

Many calculations regarding the IT sector

This app, dedicated to all professionals and IT enthusiasts, turns out to be a valid tool that every computer scientist must have to improve their productivity.

All tools present:

Byte conversion - Dec, bin, oct, hex conversion - Signed number representations: Signed magnitude, One's complement, Two's complement - Bitwise operations - Shift and rotate bits - Password generation - Password strength check - Random number generation - Base 64 encoding / decoding - URL encoding / decoding - MD5, SHA, CRC-32 hash generation - Unix Timestamp conversion - POE calculation - Subnet calculation - Data transfer time - Wake on lan - RGB/HEX conversion


Common character encodings - ASCII character codes - HTML entities and special characters - Material Design color palettes - Best Unix commands - Language codes (ISO 639-1) - Country codes (ISO 3166-1)

String manipulation:

Characters, words, lines counting - Text inversion - Uppercase / Lowercase - Removal space and carriage return - Accented characters cleaning - Strings replacement - String / Binary conversion - String / ASCII conversion - String / Hex conversion

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