Conquer the Tower 2: War Games

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About Conquer the Tower 2: War Games

Takeover the city and Conquer the world. Be a hero of the tower war games!

Tired of traditional tower defense strategy games?? "Conquer the Tower 2" might be the game you are looking for. Let's takeover enemy's city and conquer the world once more, this time our adventure will start from the desert! ?

Our "Conquer the Tower 2" will bring you brand new levels, brand new skins and a more challenging combat experience.

⚔️How to play - Conquer the Tower 2

Swipe your finger to connect towers. What you need to do is to lead the blue soldiers to guard your own tower while occupying towers of other colors.

When all the tower are occupied by your BLUE rubber men, You will be the ultimate winner!?

The key is to continuously improve your battle strategy and the tactic of tower attack timing.?

⚔️Game Features - Conquer the Tower 2

1. A rich variety of Troops and unique skills.

2. A lot of different maps are waiting for you to discover.

3. Plenty of festive events and winning prizes are ready.

4. Smooth UI experience and splendid graphic design.

5. The functionality of the tower & troop can be upgraded.

6. The Best Time Killer for both you & your friends!

Wanna be a hero of the tower wars? Come download and try it, you will regret missing it❗️

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