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About Contexto

Challenge your intelligence and vocabulary in Contexto AI. Word guess puzzle!

New 2023 Contexto AI! Challenge your intelligence and vocabulary in Contexto.

Guess secret word by entering words related to it!

Contexto arranges words by semantic similarity to the secret word:

- Closer matches are higher and have lower distance

- While less relevant words are lower and have higher distance.

- For example, words like «tail», «fur» and «mouse» are close to «cat», but «car» and «alien» are far away.

The rules of Contexto are simple, yet it is challenging to guess all the words. Contexto can help you train your brain and enhance your vocabulary. With a relaxing word puzzle experience, Contexto has the potential to increase your IQ.

Discover new Wordel 2023 alternative with Contetxo. AI-powered word sorting provides interesting levels, along with unique game hints, that will keep you coming back for more.

Note that AI sorting may differ from a human's perspective.

Jump into Contexto and enjoy the unlimited word-guessing gameplay!

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