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Get one of the beautiful widgets to create your own digital clock design!

Discover the brand new ? Cool Digital Clock Widget ? and you can forget wearing a watch anymore! You will always know the exact date and time so you can stop worrying about being late to some important events. However, this is also a weather app widget that gives you the accurate weather forecast, so you never have to worry about wearing the wrong clothes. This fancy app allows you to make your own unique digital clock design by combining awesome themes and styles with your favorite color combination. Express your creativity and choose a clock face that is simple and clean or opt for a bold splash of colour for your mobile home screen. Choose your favorite alarm sounds to wake up in the morning and set the alarm using this fancy time widget. Download and install this digital app that is both quite useful and will personalize your phone!

? Cool Digital Clock Widget ? features:

*** Make your own clock with cool skins and color combination! ***

*** Add the digital clock widget to your home screen to enable it! ***

*** Press the 'Add' button in the Menu or long press on home screen to add widget!***

*** You will get five clock themes and the rest will unlock in the following days! ***

*** Pick your favorite themes and styles for your time widget! ***

*** Long press on time widget display in order to move and scale it! ***

*** Set the alarm by swiping the digits to the time you want and press 'Set Alarm'! ***

*** This fancy widget is suitable for everyone's taste and preferences!***

*** Get the coolest time and date digital app! ***

Be creative and have fun customizing your own original clock gadget design. Select one of the cool skins for your “clock face” and the rest of designs will unlock over the following days. Personalize your date and time widget and create magical effects with some of the awesome themes. This fantastic “digital clock display” will beautify your screen and go perfectly with your cool wallpaper background. Don't hesitate to get your own “time widget” that will make you happy whenever you look at your phone!

*** Express your creativity by customizing this cute clock widget! ***

This amazing digital clock and date app is completely customizable with many “colorful themes” or simplistic design and digital font style. This time and weather widget display is one of the most unique apps to display date and time, days of the week along with weather forecast and decorate your screen at the same time. Set the alarm to any time you want and you can wake up in the morning with some of the coolest “alarm sounds”. Apart from being very useful, this excellent quality “simple clock widget” will add a cool touch to your pretty wallpapers. Design your own original “clock collection” that you will be proud of and that will bring a smile to your face when you unlock the phone!

*** Don't miss trying out this weather widget clock and create your own design! ***

? Cool Digital Clock Widget ? is not only useful in helping you organize your time but also one of the most beautiful clock widgets that will help you personalize your phone in the most unique way. This brand new time widget display is packed with many amazing clock themes which makes it one of the most unique apps on the market. This modern alarm clock will make sure you will never be late to any important meeting again. Forget all your worries about wearing inadequate clothes because with this amazing time and date weather app widget you will always know the accurate weather on both local and global level. This digital app with so many fantastic features is a click away and you can get it for free!

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