Count 30 30 seconds game

Count 30 30 seconds game APK

About Count 30

Challenge your friends or family and enjoy hilarious moments!

Are you looking for a game that will guarantee a lot of fun?

Stop searching, because Count 30 is the game for you!

Count 30 is the funniest party game for young and old. The game is based on the world-famous game 30 seconds.

Play with friends or family and form two or more teams. Next, make a choice from the different English categories. It is the intention that for each team one of the players will describe or depicting the 5 words or names without actually saying the word.

The other teammates will try to guess as many correct words as possible within 30 seconds to earn points.

Is your team the first to guess 30 correct words?

* Do you think 30 seconds goes too fast? In the settings menu you can increase it to 60 seconds.

* Do you want to play the game in an other language? For example in Spanish, German, Dutch or African? In that case you can configure this in the settings menu.

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