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Guess country capital cities and flags you will learn it and spend time with fun

Do you confuse Austria and Australia, Sweden and Switzerland, or Slovakia and Slovenia? Or maybe another country with a similar names? Do you know their capital cities and flags? This application will help you to easily learn countries and their capitals and flags by playing an educational quiz.
Knowing the countries and their capitals, you will be able to understand the news better, discuss them with friends, as well as show off your erudition in society and make a good impression.
The game offers to choose the name of the country from 4 options. Countries are ranked in order of decreasing population. The largest and most famous countries such as China, India and the USA appear at the beginning, so it will be easy to start. Towards the end of the game, you may encounter countries that you have never heard about. Try to guess their capital cities if you don't know exactly. Late you will remember them. We hope it will be useful and interesting for you.
So don't mix apples and oranges!
We wish you all the best and good luck in this game and have a good time!

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