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About Cowema

Sale & Purchase of new and used items everywhere in Congo

Buying or Selling doesn't have to be painful! Stop walking a distance, facing the sun, rain and mud just to sell or buy a new or used item (clothing, shoe, device, phone, etc.). From home, from your smartphone, you can sell or buy thanks to Cowema and benefit from the following advantages: 1- Secure payment via Momo with easy withdrawal, 2- Debate the price of items for sale in Cowema, 3- Pay-per-view Delivery, 3- Post stories, etc. So if you have clothes that you no longer wear, sell them on Cowema. You are a business, merchant and have new or used items for sale, do it on Cowema. In addition Cowema is 100% Made in Congo: Created by Congolese for Congolese.

We provide our users with a Reliable, Interactive, Secure and Easy to use application where individuals, families and businesses can go to search, buy or sell new or used services and goods, locally” .

In short, Cowema is FISF

1- Reliable (F)

2- Interactive (I)

3- Secure (S)

4- Easy to use (E).



A stable and professionally coded application

No slowness, no bug.

Money-back guarantee in the event of a problem

Electronic payment via Mobile Money and Airtel Money.

Certification of sellers, deliverers and other partners


Secure payment policy and system in place

Money-back guarantee in the event of a problem

Home delivery, stay safe at home and we come to your home with the product you ordered.


Recommendation based on user preferences

Stories that people can like, share or learn more about.

All offers appear in item details

Purchase incentive for users to purchase items based on their preferences or the promotion.

Like, share or recommend an article

Easy to use:

Simple steps to buy or sell an item

Easy item and vendor search

All features are 100% intuitive ---

It's so easy that even a child could buy or sell on Cowema!

Don't think anymore, become Cowemer today and cowemer with Us

Definition of Words: Remember the following words

Cowemeur: a seller or buyer of Cowema Advertisement

Cowemiser: the action of moving from simple seller to Cowemeur

Cowemer: the action of buying or selling online... Yeah Buying or selling online is simply Cowemer, so cowemer with us

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