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About Crayola Juego Pack

Incredible, our award-winning app now completely renewed!


Have you already collected all the Color Pets characters? Meet the 4 NEW members of the family now. Update the App, discover them, paint them, bathe them and repaint them!

Also use the NEW Color Pets Tatoo stamp markers to tattoo your pet and make incredible designs, along with the Color Pets Salon and Color Pets Grooming Truck scenarios.

Collect them now and share your creations on social networks with photos of your Color Pets in Augmented Reality! Be the first to adopt them! Download them by scanning directly from the physical box of the toy.


Discover a new way to style your days! With Emoji Mani Pedi Super Set, you can create the funniest designs for your nails. Paint them, decorate them with glitter, put as many stickers as you can think of and let it be perfect with the drying machine. Share on networks with your best friends.


In this Virtual Reality game, you will be the one who saves the players from obvious contamination caused by the batteries they use. With the help of weapons, formed with Crayola Toys toys, you will have to defeat the enemies that are presented to you in 3 different levels. Available to play in 360º format.


Do you like to experiment? Just like in a laboratory, you can do 3 incredible experiments. Volcano: Paint it the color you want, add effervescent tablets, choose the water temperature and KABOOM !!!! Sticky slime: Mix the formula and make your experiment as liquid or sticky as you want! Make a Lava Lamp with your own style, add fizz and listen !!


Explode your creativity! Create your own colors, turn them into markers, and come up with a fun name. As if it were your own laboratory, just by mixing red, blue and yellow you can invent hundreds of different colors and show them off to your friends. And that's not all, now you can use the colors created in MARKER MAKER in your favorite AEROGRAFITI application. With this new combination you will no longer have the limit to create new and impressive designs.


We have all always wanted to do Graffiti like a pro. Turn your finger into an airbrush, and paint on any background, or even on your own photos. Now we have more stencils, you can also work with different layers and your work will be saved so you can continue working for days, even if you close the application. Make color combinations, create designs that will look amazing to your friends, and then share everything on your favorite social network. You can do it all with the new AeroGrafiti Switch On.

With Crayola Game Pack you won't stop having fun! Expect more and more games ...

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